5 ways to modernise your customer service

5 ways to modernise your customer serviceCustomer service is becoming one of the most important differentiators that a brand needs to be known for. Giving excellent customer service means you retain, up-sell and attract more business.

With technology making it so easy for people to switch loyalties at the touch of a button, it’s no wonder that business leaders are keen to modernise their processes and CRM technology.

There are many ways to bring your customer services up to date. In this blog, we’ve outlined five of the quickest wins to help you boost loyalty, sales and reputation.

1. Engage with your customers anytime, anywhere

Where do your customers go when they have a question? Your CRM might do a good job of tracking customer interactions across telephone and email, but what about newer media?

Customers expect faster resolutions from wherever they are, on any device. This means being ready to support them across all media and even outside your usual business hours.

Businesses are using technological innovations to improve service accessibility through:

  • Social media channels and communities
  • Self-service portals and FAQs
  • Live Chat
  • Virtual chat agents/ chatbots.

Combining these channels helps your customers find the information they need when they need it. Capturing this data will help you improve CX by resolving issues before they even start or helping you take action when you see signs of a problem arising. 


2. Personalise the service you give each customer

By tracking each customer touchpoint, you build up a full picture on their needs. Using AI customer service assistants, your team is better equipped to deliver specific, personalised value at every interaction.

These agent-facing bots not only deliver an excellent customer experience, but they also help reduce the time your agents spend searching for information and the number of escalations to resolve customer queries. Machine learning driven recommendations are an opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell.

3. Report on and improve your customer service performance

Social listening, customer surveys and discussion forums offer deep customer insight. In the past, gathering and interpreting this data was a huge undertaking and possibly not a commercially viable pursuit.

Now, with the right analytics and reporting tools, you can improve your service experience faster. Real-time learning helps you find your service weak spots so you can turn them into strengths.

Modern business tools give you access to customer service trends across your teams and contact centres to identify, reward and rollout best practices across your whole organisation. You can even optimise staffing levels by allocating resources to the most popular channels, queries and trending issues to meet demand wherever it is.

4. Future proof customer service expectations

A modern customer services solution needs to meet your current needs and be able to scale and adapt as you grow and your customers’ expectations continue to change. Cloud-based CRMs can empower your customer service strategies and help you deliver better experiences at scale while driving down the time and money associated with on-premise data centres and hardware.

Look for systems that incorporate no-code visual editors so that you can build and deploy the web and mobile apps of the future. Adaptable, agile and customisable systems need to grow with your business and meet the shifting demands of your customers.

If you’re not already putting AI to use in your customer services operations, start. As more businesses compete on customer service, you need to be ahead of the trends to maintain your advantage.

5. Look outside your industry for inspiration

As a consumer and business decision maker, you're on the receiving end of customer service experiences on a daily basis - experiences which can inspire ways to improve your own organisation.

Actively researching trends across all industries, you can find more trends to fire your imagination. If you’re in finance, look at hospitality, if you’re in logistics, look at tourism. You can find unexpected parallels anywhere where brands and their customers interact.

To truly modernise your customer service to create the best CX, your business needs to master a lot of moving parts. Partnering Datacom and Dynamics 365 CRM will give you the insight and tools to deliver the best CX possible.



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