Satisfied customers, happy staff, reduced costs

Your business knows its customers. Your customer care staff have the skills. However, your outdated systems and multiple databases are in the way of you delivering an outstanding customer experience and reducing your operating costs. It’s time for change.

These days, your customers expect up-to-date, consistent information instantly, from a range of sources – email, text, web, social, phone calls. That’s where Dynamics 365 comes in.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can help you become omni-channel capable - streamlining your business processes and bringing all the data sitting in multiple systems together to create a single view of your customer.

A single view that can be used by everyone and every channel - even on your website and self-service. No more flicking between screens to find information, no more repeat calls, no more frustrating long calls, no more high call volumes. The result? Delighted customers and happy, motivated staff.

Creating a single view of your customer is at the heart of becoming omni-channel capable.


A Clear Understanding of your Business

With over 50 years’ experience throughout Australasia, Datacom offers deep expertise and local knowledge. We hold the Microsoft Gold competency in CRM, with many years’ experience in implementing complex Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with our expert team:

  • An indepth consultation process to map your customer journey and define your needs including streamlining business processes
  • Identifying the right solution for your needs
  • A customised, configured digital transformation CRM solution that minimises complexity and cost, helping you to realise the benefits more quickly.  For instance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used “out-of-the-box” or as the foundation for a fit-for-purpose solution
  • Integrate the CRM solution with your other systems and applications
  • Smart recommendations on ways to use Dynamics 365 to nurture and convert leads, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, provide services online, plan campaigns and design customer experiences
  • Provide CRM implementation from start to finish, covering project management, configuration, development, integration, solution architecture, installation, data migration, deployment and quality assurance
  • Provide training and ongoing support


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