ERP modernisation: Run smarter finance and operations with Dynamics 365

ERP modernisation: Run smarter finance and operations with D365

When your time is tied up with reactive problem-solving, planning, forecasting and building your finance strategy becomes a big struggle. It’s a classic catch 22. Making time to take stock of your finances and operations is hard, but you need to take a moment to reassess your systems and processes for those long-term wins.

Having a large volume of data from around your business is a great opportunity but if you’re unable to collate, analyse and put your learnings to use, it's just a burden on your resources. Bringing your data into one system from your supply chain, retail, logistics, manufacturing and sales departments means you can elevate your enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategy and put its implementation in your teams’ hands with confidence.

In this blog, we explain how ERP has become critical for operations teams to help simplify complex business processes and meet modern consumer demands.

Improve supply chain and logistics management with ERP

Effective supply chain management creates efficiencies, lowers costs, boosts profits and more. But are your current systems up to the job? Breakdowns in communication between your own departments, or between you and your suppliers waste time and money. Inefficient logistics planning impacts customer relationships and leave you unable to maximise profits, customer retention and growth.

Dynamics 365 will help you automate and streamline your supply chain the following ways:

  • Modernise your logistics: Save time and money by synchronising logistics across your sites and fleet.
  • Respond to customers faster: Respond to customer demand faster with automated order-to-cash processes.
  • Streamline your processes from sale to fulfilment: Seamlessly connect sales, purchasing, logistics, production, and warehouse management.
  • Predict and respond to demand proactively: Predictive analytics gives you greater visibility and control of all sites and warehouses.

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Run smarter operations 

With Dynamics 365, you can gain better visibility and control over your whole business, giving you the opportunity to cut costs while satisfying demand.

Here's how you can run smarter via connected operations:

  • Customise manufacturing processes: Using a unified solution to support your processes, you can create ideal manufacturing mix.
  • Optimise operational procedures: Improve your manufacturing parameters for all of your products. 
  • Streamline resource management: Real-time visibility into your resources will help you streamline your scheduling, making the most of your resources.
  • Improve product delivery: Improve the flow of manufacturing material and finished goods to get your products delivered faster. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction: When you've worked to improve your product's quality, you'll in turn improve customer satisfaction. 

Invigorate your financial performance

Operational efficiency is critical to hitting your business goals. Traditional reporting creates a lag between the data coming into your business being analysed and being acted upon. Outdated systems slow down your people and manual processes leave too much room for error. This constant battle to get the intelligence you need to make smarter business decisions no longer needs to be the norm. With Dynamics 365, you can improve financial performance to exceed your targets. Here's how:

  • Increase profitability: Identify areas for margin growth in real time with a robust, centralised financial intelligence tool.
  • Improve productivity: Help employees prioritise, automate and collaborate on tasks to maximise efficiency.
  • Minimise operational costs: Reduce costs across business locations with financial process automation, planning and budget control.
  • Adapt to requirement changes faster: Stay ahead of changing financial requirements with a flexible rules-based global tax engine and chart of accounts.
  • Streamline asset management: Reduce reporting errors by automating global asset management processes centrally.

Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform

Any investment needs to deliver lasting returns. With technology evolving at lightning speed, you need a system that’s flexible, easy to implement and can integrate seamlessly with your core business applications. It needs to be at the cutting edge and evolve with technological advancement so that your business can stay ahead.

  • Customise your apps quickly: Adapt the application to your needs with user-friendly no-code editing that make it easy to build and deploy custom web and mobile apps.
  • Connect and integrate: Automate financial processes across Dynamics 365 financial applications and your third-party systems for an integrated experience.
  • Safeguard your data: The Microsoft cloud platform reduces the cost and complexity of operating your global infrastructure with trusted datacentres allowing you to invest with confidence.
  • Enhance customer experience with AI: AI guides your teams to the right business outcomes and transforms your customer interactions.

If you’re at the start of your journey in assessing how cloud solutions or Dynamics 365 can help you drive further growth in your business, Datacom can help. 

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