How digital platforms are changing the agriculture industry


Studies suggest that by 2030 we’ll need to increase food supply by 60%. This means that yields and demands on your supply chain are going to increase. The technology is out there to achieve this goal, but how do you manage it?

The good news is that when you use Dynamics 365, managing every aspect of your agricultural business is easy. In this blog, we take a deep dive into how we might achieve this.


Internet of Things (IoT) and agriculture

There's no denying that the internet of things (IoT) is transforming agriculture. With equipment and software communicating with one another, crop yield increases are the end result.


  • Field sensors can analyse the soil condition and provide accurate data maps showing the most fertile parts of a field allowing you to utilise the land to its full potential. You can now select seeds which are most suited to the condition of the soil in a given part of the field.

  • Weather information from hundreds of stations up and down the country can provide updated forecast information every 15 minutes. This allows you to make important decisions to protect crops from weather, insects and disease. This leads to selective crop spraying helping to optimise the use of pesticides which maintain crop health.

  • Robotics can help with weeding and crop spraying allowing for superior produce. Robotics capabilities also include fruit picking and monitoring through the use of AI. 

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags can track produce to the supermarket shelf. This provides full sales and supply chain visibility, which can help you to reveal selling and buying trends.


What makes all this more remarkable is that it all comes together in one place on one platform. The data can be quickly analysed to give meaningful information. This allows the farmer to make better decisions out in the field, while you make a better analysis of what to grow based on sales.

This information becomes increasingly valuable when collated in a cloud system.


Cloud systems in agriculture

Agriculture production can be managed efficiently through a cloud system like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The cloud allows IoT to function at an optimal level. Much of the agricultural industry is dependent on good accurate real-time information from a range of sources. Having this information at your fingertips is incredibly valuable when you're faced with a difficult call.

Storing data in the cloud makes it easy for mobile devices to access this information. Alerts can be set so that should an issue arise, key people are immediately notified.

The information provided by IoT is easily used to provide better and more efficient farming. This leads to higher crop yields and profit. Combine this with sales information and it soon becomes clear which seed growing practices or conditions are going to produce the best profit.

Cloud computing saves considerably on expensive infrastructure. On-premise systems need staff to maintain them. The cloud reduces upfront costs and personnel overhead.

The cloud provides flexibility for all employees to work anywhere with an internet connection. The better systems utilise the best in class security. A hierarchal management system ensures that sensitive files and data are only accessible to those that need to see them.


How Dynamics 365 can help

Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes the cloud one step further. It brings together all of your information, providing actionable business intelligence. Our service, consultancy and implementation experience will help you make the most of Dynamics 365 and set you on the path to a better return on your IT investment:

  • Dynamics 365 allows you to work smarter and provides tools that can scale and change with your business. You’ll realise better productivity and see a healthier bottom line.

  • Security is best in class. Datacom and Microsoft only use reputable locations in secure countries.

  • Dynamics is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection and provides the information in real time.

  • Improved collaboration empowers your teams to discuss ideas and make smart decisions.

  • You have full visibility and traceability on every aspect of your agriculture business.


Farm productivity and crop yields need to increase significantly to meet future demand. Technology is evolving rapidly within the industry, but to utilise this technology and remain competitive you must ensure your business has a robust and leading-edge management system such as Dynamics 365 in place.

With Dynamics 365 at the forefront of your business, you can unlock the power of the Cloud and IoT and make informed and rapid decisions about your business.

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