How to improve your leisure or tourism business visitor experience through technology

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Tourism in Australia and New Zealand is growing at a fast pace. The natural scenery and diverse cultural heritage attracts millions of visitors every year, both nationally and internationally.

As an operator in the tourism or leisure industry, are you doing everything you can to tap into your business’ full potential?

Our culture, city and natural landscapes, and the institutions within them are the foundation of our tourism industry, but what is truly at the core of your business is the quality of your visitors' experience. The expenditure of visitors during their stay, their propensity to come back and to recommend an experience to others - they all depend on how authentic and seamless their visit will be.

In this blog we look at the importance of creating a visitor experience strategy and how technology can be a great help in implementing and maintaining it.


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The first two steps of an effective visitor experience strategy

Plan and Measure

The quality of visitors' experience should not be an afterthought, it must be planned in advance. Asking them for feedback at the end of their trip is crucial; however, the key question you should start with is: "how do I want their experience to be?"

In other words: you need a strategy, with a detailed map of your visitors’ journey from the beginning, at the consideration stage, well before leaving their homes, to the end, when they share their experience with others after coming back.

Once the touchpoints of your visitors’ journey are clear, the next step is to be creative and find all the possible ways to collect insights. At any stage, visitors should be encouraged and enabled to provide feedback through digital media, traditional pen and paper, or directly to your employees.

Also, keep in mind that direct feedback is not the only way to understand the quality of visitors' experience. Virtually any interaction with your company can be valuable: social media, direct communications (both in person and via digital means), online reviews, website visits and more.

Analyse and improve: The Dynamics 365 solution

If you've effectively mapped out a visitors' journey strategy, you'll end up with a considerable amount of disaggregated information from many different touchpoints. Now comes the part where you have to make sense of the data, get the right insights, refine your strategy and keep improving. So how can you do that effectively?

Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool that makes your CRM and ERP systems work seamlessly to give a 360° view of your customers throughout their journey, and get actionable insights from your interactions with them.

With Dynamics 365 you can aggregate and organise information and define the right KPIs, to make sure you track what really matters.

Thanks to AI technology, the software's analytics tool will help you make sense of the data, identify patterns and bottlenecks, address points of dissatisfaction and predict outcomes.

Finally, with Dynamics 365 the whole process can be decentralised in the cloud. Sharing data will be the best way to get everyone in your organisation on board and create an authentic experience for your visitors.

Discover how Datacom and Dynamics 365 can work in your business to allow you to create an exceptional visitor experience and grow sales. Find out more here.

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