10 ways you can grow your business through technology

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – how it can help you grow your businesses

Now more than ever, businesses are realising the benefits of ensuring streamlined business processes are in place across various departments. The business landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, and many organisations are using technology to keep up. Technology can help streamline a variety of factors in an organisation, however, with technology changing constantly it's challenging to keep up and adapt accordingly. You need a technology solution that you can trust to be flexible and work with new systems as they emerge.

A common problem that organisations face is having data that isn't centralised, meaning systems don't work in sync. Disconnected systems, manual processes, and multiple customer touchpoints make efficient management challenging to achieve. So, what is the solution?

The solution to these operational management problems is implementing a proven technology that connects multiple systems and streamlines your overall business processes. Here is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes into the picture.

In this blog we look at how Dynamics 365 works and can be used to benefit your business.

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Dynamics 365 works by connecting and streamlining areas like sales, customer service, finance and operations, project service automation, marketing and customer insights. You can start with the features you need most, connect existing apps, infuse artificial intelligence, and only add more functions as needed.

Ten ways Dynamics 365 can make a difference in your business

 1. Streamlined customer acquisition and service process

From marketing to lead nurturing and sales closing and post-sales activities, Dynamics 365 streamlines the whole process so that you can earn a customer for life.

 2. Centralised data

Data collected are centralised in a single interface by integrating various apps, cloud services, and external sources. These sources include email marketing, web pages, surveys, accounting databases, and more.

 3. Increased efficiency

Manual tasks will be replaced by automated processes that flow through from the beginning of customer acquisition process. In every step of the business process, data will be integrated and processed for efficiency in the following steps.

 4. Lowered costs

Eliminating the high cost of manual inputs and other analogue business processes, Dynamics 365 provides a cost-effective business environment that is easily adaptable to changing requirements.

 5. Mobile

As a cloud based service, Dynamics 365 can be reachable anywhere at any time via the Internet. This allows for remote and distributed teams to work efficiently worldwide, and gives you the ability to access the information you need wherever you need it.

 6. Integration with Office 365

Dynamics 365 comes with native integration with Power BI and Microsoft Office 365, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, and OneNote.

 7. Integration with popular non-Microsoft business apps

Dynamics 365 is designed for compatibility and integration with favourite business apps, such as accounting databases, email marketing, surveying, and more.

 8. Data-driven insights

Real-time reporting across various key performance indicators with Power BI dashboards and visualisations provides in-depth data-driven insights powered by Microsoft artificial intelligence.

 9. Adaptable to CRM and business processes

Dynamics 365 can be easily adapted to any business or industry to manage various scalable internal and external relationships and processes. This includes marketing, sales, customer service, project service, finance, operations, customer insights, and talent management.

 10. Safety and security

Your data is safe with the experienced Microsoft team, using data encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS). Their commitment to constantly reviewing the relevancy of their security practices mean your data is always protected by the most up-to-date solution.

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