Modernising sales productivity with Dynamics 365

Modernising sales productivity with Dynamics 365If sales productivity is down, the first place you’ll feel it is in your revenue report. But your products and services are competitive, you’ve invested time in your team and until recently, you were hitting targets - so why have things been slowing down? 

Without the right systems in place or data at their fingertips, your people are working with one hand tied behind their backs. Meanwhile, your competitors could be poised to take your best customers away.

More businesses are focusing on modern CRMs as their priority, here’s why:

Dynamics 365 boost sales productivity via greater visibility

Tracking and reporting is key to monitoring and guiding your sales activity. But compiling reports from disparate sources across the business is time-consuming as you often have to manually pull data by salesperson, customer and team. With Dynamics 365, you can customise your reports and get streamlined sales insights in real-time with a single customer view.

This includes your standard sales metrics but with extra at-a-glance contact and account detail in one simple platform. Imagine how much more effective each of your salespeople will be if they have access to these details at customer level whenever they need it, whether they're at their desk or on their mobile device.

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Dynamics 365 allows accelerates performance and productivity 

Empower your salespeople and management team with ready-to-use or customised reports to see exactly what activities are needed to close more deals, more effectively.

Unlike legacy systems, you’re not left to calculate projections based on past performance alone. Real-time analytics fuel intelligent predictions for you, reducing the time it takes to forecast and plan sales or marketing strategies. 

Stay ahead of sales tech and trends with Dynamics 365

Over the last decade, keeping up with changing customer demands in a world of advancing technology has been costly for businesses. You need to be assured that your next IT investment delivers a strong now without becoming a bottomless pit as tech evolves. Dynamics 365 was built with future-proofing in mind so that it adapts as your business and the world around it continues to change.

  • Cloud: Old legacy systems require constant maintenance, lengthy upgrade processes and time-consuming migrations. With cloud-based Dynamics 365, you’ll minimise the costs and downtime associated with tech advancements.
  • Customisations: Visual editing tools make building and deploying your sales applications quick, simple and secure while cloud-hosting means you save money on hardware and infrastructure upgrades.
  • Mobility: Your best people often work offsite and out of hours. Mobile accessibility makes it easy for your sales team to manage client relationships and maximise productivity, wherever they are.

Find out how Dynamics 365 can help you modernise sales productivity.

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