Overview for government agencies of Dynamics 365 services


Governments and licensing authorities are under pressure to deliver services more efficiently. Frustratingly, the most critical processes to government agencies are often the most ineffective and slowest. But cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Dynamics 365 are helping make these processes simpler and more effective. 

We’ve helped Government agencies like the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC), The Financial Markets Authority and Victoria’s DELWP to move their systems to the cloud. Our expertise has also been implemented across New Zealand Government agencies such as The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), Land Information NZ (LINZ). They’ve seen enhanced efficiency without the huge outlay for infrastructure upgrades. See for yourself why moving systems and data to the cloud should be a business priority. 

Improves customer service

Your customers are your citizens... and they have high expectations in this digital era. Failing to meet those expectations leaves government agencies open to more complaints.

In the private sector, citizens have become used to faster services across multiple channels. As businesses take up technology that expedites customer service and communication, people can access information at the touch of a button on any device. This has become the norm. Citizens have come to expect the same quick answers and lightning response times from public sector services.

Dynamics 365 helps eliminate disconnected government services. Automated workflow processes reduce human error and ensure rapid resolution of customer issues. Well managed self-service portals drive cost-efficiency and reduce waiting times for those that really need to speak to a human for help. In short, we can help you streamline your service so that you are giving better customer service at lower costs.

Creates superior complaints resolution

Any service-based organisation needs to be ready to handle complaints. When someone is already frustrated, the last thing you want is for their case to be lost in the system, be poorly tracked or unresolved. To handle complaints effectively and deliver the best possible outcome for your citizens, you need a leading complaints and case management solution that cuts down the labour-intensive processing and fast-tracks resolutions.

We can help by implementing a flexible solution to cater to your needs. This includes…

  • Public, internal and external complaints and compliments
  • Internal concerns over misconduct
  • Ombudsman enquiries
  • Information and privacy requests

Dynamics 365 helps you categorise and track every case so that it’s resolved within your preset deadlines. If a complaint isn’t handled within that deadline, it can be automatically escalated to the best team or individual. Ensuring it gets handled before your promised resolution time.

Manages key workers' registration, licensing and monitoring systems

Dynamics 365 is more than a CRM for managing citizen queries and issues. Agencies are also using it as a regulatory management tool to manage and control regulated industries and workers. Outdated, siloed systems make this critical function difficult to manage.

Datacom specialises in delivering Dynamics 365 to manage workers’ registration, licensing and monitoring. Your agency can ensure citizens engage licensed practitioners such as electrical workers, financial advisors, immigration advisors and building practitioners.

Are you looking for a solution to drive greater service, control and efficiency? Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you with your specific challenges.



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