Streamline your Government agency’s customer service experience

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Interacting with government agencies is something that many customers perceive to be difficult and time-consuming. Traditionally their customer service revolved around manual processes and lengthy waiting times.

Today’s customers require fast, frictionless experiences that fit in with their busy lives. They don’t want to post cheques and forms, or take time off work to schedule in-person appointments. And they don’t want to wait days for questions to be answered and problems resolved.

But there is an answer to this problem. Technology can help solve these customer concerns and provide a premium user experience. By modernising systems, your agency can streamline processes for internal teams and exceed customers’ expectations.

In this blog we explain how Government agencies that focus on engaging customers using technology have the significant advantage of offering a more streamlined experience.

Find out how Datacom works with you to implement Dynamics 365, for your customer service management.

Phasing out legacy systems and embracing cloud software allows Government agencies to build systems that are agile and customer-centric. Digitally empowered departments are finding that they can better monitor and serve their customers and give them the personalised service they have come to expect in today’s marketplace.

Cloud software provides a secure environment that can help eliminate disconnected services and multiple touchpoints for customers, while delivering a higher degree of self-service. A blend of artificial intelligence and automated workflow processes is a cost-effective solution that reduces human error and ensures rapid resolution of customer issues.

With this type of solution, agencies are able to ensure their online and offline experiences merge together seamlessly across physical premises and online applications to suit the needs of individual customers. Instead of having to deal with restrictive office hours, your customers could enjoy a 24/7 service that lets them access the resources they want, when they want them.

The Dynamics 365 solution

Dynamics 365 encompasses all these features we’ve mentioned and more. In addition to being a system to help customer service, Dynamics 365 can be used to actively involve customers and promote the growth of a digital audience through subscription services and social media. Customers have the opportunity to get more involved with their Government agencies and stay informed. By subscribing, they can be updated regularly with content that is relevant and important to their needs. Customers are able to receive alerts about important dates, policy changes, and any news that might affect them.

Dynamics 365 also streamlines the agency workplace. In an environment with often limited resources, employees will find they are able to do more with less and transform the way their customer service management is handled.

Staff can enjoy less of those tiring, repetitive administration tasks and focus on providing a higher level of personal service. Workplace resources can be prioritised and channelled into areas that need them the most, while the automated systems take care of the rest.

By integrating cloud software into your processes, your agency can partner up with other Government agencies and share information to give customers a seamless experience. Agencies who collaborate can offer the option for customers to opt in and receive updates across multiple departments. This saves valuable time for busy customers who want to stay in touch with more than one agency.

Embracing technology in your Government agency is the best (and really only) way to deliver the customer experience that today’s customers need and desire. Agencies are under pressure to provide customers with access to the same convenient online services they have come to expect from other leading businesses in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Dynamics 365 cloud software is the obvious answer and way to go. It's a powerful solution which enables agencies to keep up with, and in many ways exceed, customer expectations.

Find out how Datacom works with you to implement Dynamics 365, for your customer service management.

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