Streamlining government key service processes

iStock-848800992Putting people first. Governments and licensing authorities are under pressure to deliver services more efficiently. Managing registration, licensing and key business processes are critical, yet often ineffective and slow - leaving citizens frustrated while staff and budgets are stretched thin.

However, these challenges can be met with the help of the right tools. In fact, government agencies most crucial processes are already being improved with systems like Dynamics 365.

In this blog, we discuss how the right CRM helps better manage key industry workers’ registration, licensing and monitoring systems.


Digitising for improved customer service

Digitising government services isn’t just about improving your IT systems. It’s about improving the outcomes.

Technology helps you work differently in an increasingly demanding world. Customers expect faster services and responses while cost control adds pressure to your staff and management teams. As the gap between expectations and workload increase, what once worked well enough becomes a burdensome headache for everyone involved.

Using new technology and improved data management to benefit citizens, government and core industries is a key focus for agencies. Datacom and Dynamics 365 is already helping government bodies meet these challenges by enabling;

  • Process automation to improve speed and reduce human error

  • Artificial Intelligence for advanced analytics

  • Cloud-based technology to reduce infrastructure costs

  • Consolidation of disparate data

  • Self-service portals to give citizens access to information 24/7.


Overseeing the licensing of key workers

Manually managing licensing processes is time-consuming and can be difficult to monitor. Workers that need an industry license have to find the right forms, fill in the correct information and send it according to your protocol. For some regulatory bodies, that could even mean sending by post or in-person. In this modern age, the manual process, slow wait and outdated comms methods are frustrating for citizens and staff alike.

Your employees have to manually handle stacks of paperwork so it gets to the right people all while remaining compliant with ever-changing regulations. Without a way to track or report on current or expired licenses, regulatory agencies aren’t able to safeguard the public effectively.

This is where Dynamics 365 can drive efficiency. It’s been deployed as a regulatory management tool to oversee the licensing of key industry workers. Having all records on one platform and setting up automated workflows, alerts and prompts reduce the workload for staff and waiting times for professionals.


Data security in the cloud

Dynamics 365 provides government agencies with effective, trackable services while maintaining strict data security. Cloud-based CRM systems are harder to breach and provide higher security than their legacy counterparts as they work to protect data wherever it resides.

With cyber threats on the increase and stricter data protection regulations across the globe, having a tight rein on cybersecurity is increasingly critical. The risk of data breaches includes high penalties, reputation damage and a failure to protect the public you serve.

If you have any staff taking work laptops and mobile devices off-site, what happens if they lose it? What if it gets stolen? Once that hardware is out of your sight, it’s out of your control. With cloud-computing, confidential data can be deleted or moved remotely.

If your Licensing Authority is looking to solve these modern challenges, get in touch with us at Datacom365 to ask how we can help.



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