Superior complaints and case resolution in your government agency

Superior complaints and case resolution in your government agency

Processes can be held back by the very technology that was designed to improve them. As government agencies battle on with legacy systems, staff are prevented from doing a good job, documents get lost and stakeholders become frustrated.

When your stakeholders are the bodies responsible for your funding and the public is relying on you, it’s crucial to have the right technology to deliver your services effectively.

If a legacy system is holding you back, you’ll see an increase in complaints while having fewer tools to handle them. It’s a downward spiral that can get out of control fast. Patching up outdated systems is often a false economy. The fear of change and the costs involved leave many agencies feeling stuck. But there is a way to tackle this in a way that delivers a return on investment.

Why government agencies need to migrate

Citizens expectations are changing. They expect you to be able to satisfy their demands as quickly and efficiently as the private sector commercial enterprises they buy services from every day. Resolving cases and complaints quickly means you require the right information at your fingertips. We help government agencies to improve resolution times cost-effectively so that your time and funding go further and the people you serve get their needs met faster.

Government agencies compete for talent and funding. Those able to fulfil their responsibilities cost-effectively amidst the rapid changes in technology and expectations are the ones who’ll win investment and thrive.

According to Gartner, by 2020, organisations that continue to invest in traditional ERP solutions will be 75% less effective in supporting their strategies. That’s a short window in which to migrate your legacy system - even for commercial enterprises who have fewer hoops to jump through to get budget approval. But those that do migrate will see cost savings as their people become more efficient and citizens more satisfied with their services.

A CRM for superior Complaints Resolution

Case management and complaints resolution are labour-intensive functions within any government agency. We can help by implementing a flexible solution to cater to your needs. This includes…

  • Public, internal and external complaints and compliments
  • Internal concerns over misconduct
  • Information and privacy requests
  • Ombudsman enquiries

We can help you log and track every case, categorise it and ensure it’s resolved within your own preset deadlines. If a case hasn’t been resolved within your preset timeline, it can be automatically escalated to the best team or individual to ensure it gets closed and the complainant is satisfied.

Compliance, Workers Registration and Licensing

Legislative and regulatory compliance is critical to the way government agencies and authorities work. Datacom can help you bring key business processes into one platform instead of across many disparate systems. We specialise in delivering solutions to Government and Local Body Licensing Authorities so that you can control, manage and monitor trades critical to your organisation and the public.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your services with modern technology, we can help. We’ll give you the tools to properly manage cases from initial contact through to resolution so that you save public money for other critical operations. As experts in deploying Dynamics 365 to government bodies, we understand the unique challenges you face and can customise the system to meet your exact requirements.

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