Technology helping challenges faced by agriculture and primary industry businesses

Technology helping challenges faced by agriculture businesses

Technology is playing a pivotal role in moving the agriculture industry into a more sustainable era. Faced with the challenges of feeding a growing global population and managing finite resources, farmers are turning to digital solutions to streamline their processes and give them a better understanding of their operations.

In this blog we look at how technology can help agriculture businesses prepare for the serious demands of future production.


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With a prediction of 70% more food being needed by the year 2050, the industry needs effective systems in place to streamline and increase production over the coming decades. Faced with limited land and pressure to provide more meat, dairy, and wheat, businesses need to embrace smarter farming methods going forward.

The agriculture industry is resource-heavy. Farmers need to invest in processes that provide higher yields while at the same time lowering energy and water consumption, and reducing waste. These factors are all critical in order to protect the natural resources needed for their businesses to survive.

In an industry that can still be found holding on to manual processes and legacy software, some businesses are finding it difficult to keep up with their competitors and manage daily operations as global agriculture moves at an increasing pace.

How technology is shaping agriculture for the future

Technology is helembrace the technology available to allow them to continue providing nutritious food on a larger scale.

Through a digital approach, businesses can look more closely at their techniques and pinpoint how to improve upon them. They can combine the power of data, people and process to help them make important decisions and seize new opportunities.

Dynamics 365 and the future of agriculture

Cloud computing solutions like Dynamics 365 can provide agriculture businesses with systems and insights to keep them at the forefront of their industry. 

With tailored solutions for every business, no matter the size or budget, Dynamics 365 can help accelerate growth and improve the financial, supply chain, manufacturing, production and customer experience processes. Built-in intelligence helps reduce operational costs and resolve any issues before they happen.

The powerful software includes communication tools and data sharing platforms to connect teams and build stronger customer relationships.

By using Dynamics 365, agricultural businesses can find innovative ways to transform their products and services, empower their employees, and provide a superior customer-centric experience.

With global resources already stretched, the agriculture industry needs to find smart ways to reduce its environmental footprint. While doing so, it must also scale food production to meet the needs of a rising population.

Embracing technology helps agriculture businesses streamline and improve their processes, resulting in higher yields and less wasted resources.

Dynamics 365 cloud software enables businesses in this industry to monitor their analytics, teams, and supply chains and make the informed decisions they need to move them towards a sustainable future.

Find out more about how technology can work with the agriculture industry in the free white paper. Download your copy here.

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