Technology helping challenges faced by tourism businesses

Technology helping challenges faced by tourism businesses

One of the biggest challenges for tourism and leisure businesses is how to truly engage visitors pre, during and post their visit. The ease in which visitors can engage with your business can help drive a better experience, which leads to repeat visits and a positive word of mouth.

In this digital world where most research is done online, it’s vital that operators are providing the best digital experience in order to meet the needs of the visitor. If you’re not providing a seamless digital experience and providing the right information to visitors at the right time, you could fall behind competitor operators who are doing it better.  Having the right technology solution behind your tourism business is key to success.

Tourism businesses are turning to the cloud CRM solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365, to help improve their visitor experience. This solution can help you:
  •       Connect with visitors on a personal level
  •       Understand their behaviour
  •       Deliver what customers want.

In this blog, we discuss ways in which this technology solution can help.

Personally connect with your visitors

Are you connecting with your visitors on a personal level? If you provide both online and onsite points of sale, you might not be giving your customers the same experience across all touch-points.

The nature of tourism businesses today means you could be selling a multitude of goods and services across various touchpoints. Using one unified CRM system means you can make the route to purchase easier for your customers and create lasting connections that keep them engaged with your brand, as well as upsell them to purchase further products and services along the way. With the right technology, you can help your visitors find what they are looking for at any point of sale including:

  •       Purchasing tickets online
  •       Food & beverages
  •       Merchandise
  •       Accommodation
  •       Transport

Simplifying the customer experience means more opportunity to customise your offers and services. This leads us to the benefits that technology can offer your marketing teams.

Understand your visitor and personalise

How well do you know your visitors? Are you incentivising their loyalty with offers that appeal directly to them? Capturing accurate customer data that goes straight into your CRM provides invaluable business insight. You can tailor special deals based on each individual’s purchases and buying behaviour. You can even uncover untapped revenue streams through advanced analytics without hiring a team of number crunchers to plough through your different data sources.

Without the right technology and data capture tools, you might not have any visibility into customer behaviour, desires and habits at all. By capturing this information online as well as at your in-store EPOS in every location, you can build enhanced profiling for better marketing ROI. Your marketing teams can easily view behaviours and therefore provide more opportunities to communicate across multiple channels including pre and post-sale email messaging, online and onsite promotions.

Single customer view

Do you know what your visitor wants from the experiences you offer? To get a single customer view requires being visitor-centric.

Many tourism businesses muddle along with data from various departments and then have to fit the pieces of the puzzle together in the hunt to find their customers’ needs. Taking reports from finance, various people systems and reservation systems don’t always deliver the accuracy you need to give you a true picture. Instead, start with integrating all your customer data into your CRM. This can become the central hub where you can truly segment your customers to tailor their experiences and offers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a single CRM platform that reduces your teams workload and gathers data from all of your customer touch-points. Gathering a 360 view of your visitors' interactions enables better reporting, enhanced communications and increased opportunities to promote your products and services.

For more on how your tourism business can connect with your customers with the use of technology, read here.

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