Top tips to help your employees thrive, not just survive


It was once said that ‘an attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.’

Times are changing, and suiting up for 2020 and beyond means a workplace that is healthy, transparent, and nurturing.

Whether it’s current or future employees, ensuring a healthy culture and an environment of encouragement is critical to the success of your business.

How healthy is your workplace environment?

Here are three ways why your business needs to think positively:

1. A positive workforce will perform better 

Your employees need to thrive, not just survive.

As Brett Roberts, Associate Director, Customers and Collaboration, at Datacom, says: “Innovation requires imagination, but imagination can be stifled in a negative workplace. It’s crucial that business leaders foster an environment where people feel entirely safe to speak up.”

The new technological era has brought massive advances and changes to how we work, who we work with, and where we work.

It has also given rise to a culture of anonymity where negativity can reign supreme and unchecked. When this leeches into the workplace environment, it creates a culture of fear, uncertainty and discomfort – which does not encourage people to deliver their best work.

Understanding your employee’s journey with you will help you to understand how to encourage talent to excel. From the moment of employment, evaluate why they wanted to join your company and how you can help them to achieve their goals. This will make them feel respected and valued, ultimately helping them to perform better and contribute more.

As an organisation, you will be able to easily identify where they need encouragement – both at a personal level, and also at a professional level – if there’s a gap in their skills as they progress, you can invest in upskilling. Your business benefits, they know they are respected, their individual progress worthy of attention and resource.

2. Improve your recruitment to hire the best

Helping staff to excel is one thing but hiring the best is another matter.

The way you identify, engage and recruit the best talent is changing.

For too long, employers have thought that to get the best applicants, it’s all about the job itself or what the job description promises. Instead, more than ever, it’s about how the applicant is treated and the way the business showcases itself (see #3 below).

You need your processes to be efficient, effective, and generating a good experience, not just for the successful applicant but for all the others who engage with you as well.

They are, potentially, future employees, so start as you mean to go on. Hire the best and support them to become even better.

3. Your brand image will become positive

Why did applicants want to apply to be a part of your business? What did they see to attract, or even turn away, from applying?

What your brand promises, and fails to deliver, is vital to think about. In a world where information is shared rapidly, being a ‘bad hirer’ is a reputation that is easy to develop and hard to shake off.

Ask yourself: does your business deliver what it promises on your ‘About Us’ page? Is the tone of your messages appealing to applicants and showcasing an authentic personality?

Those you interview will be able to see the difference between the way you describe your business and the behaviour they see.


Your staff are the your most valuable resource.

Talent 365 answers a whole lot of HR questions, some you may not have even thought of. It delivers positive outcomes to the two key participants in the HR conversation: your organisation, and the people from the pool of talent you’re trying to attract.

Once you have engaged the successful applicant, Talent 365 becomes a critical piece of technology that helps you deliver on that same promise: treating individuals with respect.

Identifying that talent, giving them a positive and consistent recruitment journey, and maintaining and growing their skills, are key components of the successful future of your business.

But the component that counts, that will set you apart, is the ability, no matter what the size of your business, to treat your people as individuals, and for them to recognise that. Talent 365 can do this for you.

An attitude is a little thing that can really make a big difference.

At Datacom, we know the true meaning of co-operation, and how to best use technology to engender and develop that for your business to maximise growth.

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