Why Dynamics 365 is right for you

Businesswoman and colleague looking at digital tablet in the officeWith the evolution of cloud-based technology comes great opportunity. Businesses can now harness the power of integrated systems to drive improved performance across sales, finance and operations like never before. But how does this translate to your business specifically and what are the day-to-day outcomes you can expect from a business solution like Dynamics 365? 

Here's a quick glance at what you can expect and how Datacom makes your transition seamless.


How Dynamics 365 empowers sales

Most CRMs offer data gathering and reporting functions. Relying on heavy data entry from salespeople is not a good basis for business intelligence. CRMs often suffer low adoption, poor user input and lack proactive support. Salespeople often feel that CRMs are less about helping them to sell and more like a snooping tool for the management team. To get the most out of your CRM reporting, you need more relevant data and a system that makes your salespeople want to use it. That's where Microsoft Dynamics 365 differs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales gives you a complete picture of all customers and opportunities. You can see the health of each customer relationship and the estimated days until close.

Clicking on an individual customer starts up the Relationship Assistant. This instantly feeds you with insights about contacts, accounts and opportunities based on email, calendar and Dynamics 365 data.

Sellers will know when a buyer hasn't replied to an email so they can follow up. They’ll also know which contacts are most engaged by seeing which email recipients opened, replied to, clicked on and even if they opened an attachment.

Are your reps always on the move? Save them time by giving them the tools to work on their mobile device. For example, when a customer asks to see a proposal when they’re on the way to a meeting, your salesperson can simply tap a link from the client’s email to launch Dynamics 365. Then generate a quote based on an inbuilt or custom template and send the requested proposal right there and then.

Your sales team can even use historical customer data to decide what to upsell and when. Dynamics 365 will even make suggestions on which products to pitch and the supporting sales documents to use.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps businesses keep pace by enabling better decisions quickly. It brings together a complete set of adaptable manufacturing, supply chain, retail and finance capabilities with built-in predictive analytics and Intelligence. It also integrates with existing systems and adapts to your changing business needs at the pace your customers demand.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations fuses your financial and business operations data and uses predictive analytics and intelligence to help you get smarter business insights. This application will provide you with the following.

Business Intelligence: Dynamics 365 connects your people, processes and finances in one unified view. This visibility gives you the Business Intelligence to you need to drive better business outcomes.

Supply Chain Intelligence: Armed with real-time insights, you can execute real-time supply chain and distribution processes. With greater visibility into inventory control, demand trends and your supply chain, you’ll be ready to adapt faster and drive innovative solutions for your customers.

Warehouse and Transport Intelligence: Empower warehouse management to control and run operations smoothly. Use Dynamics 365  Finance and Operations to gain deep visibility into your warehousing and logistics processes so you can deliver on time, on schedule and with the most cost-efficient strategy.

Why Datacom?

It’s not easy to go it alone on a wide-scale transformation. But that shouldn’t be a barrier to your progress. We’ll bring our 50 years of experience in business IT to you. Even the best in-house IT teams have limited resources and experience in deploying such a large implementation. Our flexible approach takes into account your specific business goals, resources and obstacles. Our experts will help you succeed with help available at every stage of the project:

  • Requirements gathering

  • Custom design for your specific business needs

  • Proof of concept testing

  • Implementation and build

  • Migration strategy for positive impact and minimal disruption

  • Post-migration handover or ongoing support 


We know it’s difficult to know where to start and most vendors keep their pricing under wraps until you call. We want you to get a handle on pricing, timelines and project scope with ease. Try out our new Quick Find tool to find a package that fits.

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