Managing the end-to-end customer journey for SmartPayroll

SmartPayroll were able to use a single system to manage customer acquisition, on boarding, compliance, subscription billing, pricing and reporting. 

SmartPayroll provide payroll services to thousands of clients across New Zealand. They provide business owners across New Zealand with a customised payroll site to manage and process employee wages. SmartPayroll pays employee wages directly into their bank account automatically calculating and deducting PAYE, KiwiSaver and other contributions, then files the schedules and returns with IRD.

SmartPayroll provide an app for business owners to process employee wages on the go, as well as for employees to capture their time, request leave and view payslip information. With seamless integration to a number of accounting systems SmartPayroll provide setup services, product training and ongoing support to their customers.

With a strategy to provide exceptional customer support as a first priority, SmartPayroll needed a modern, easy to use and comprehensive tool that would unlock operational efficiency, centralised customer information and automate end of month invoice runs. They also required a system that would assist in managing their customer journey from on-boarding through to customer support queries.

The solution

With a subscription-based pricing model and a large and rapidly growing number of customers, SmartPayroll needed a system that would manage the customer lifecycle end-to-end. Special attention was also needed in managing the month end process, automatically subscriptions calculation and billing.

SmartPayroll engaged Datacom to bring their wealth of CRM experience in implementing Dynamics 365 to financial services businesses and having delivered on similar outcomes, Datacom brought rapid expertise and industry solutions to SmartPayroll.

During the project, Datacom delivered a centralised customer management and subscription management system using Microsoft Dynamics 365, supporting the sales, finance and customer service teams. The solution provided SmartPayroll with a 360 degree view of their prospects and customers enabling SmartPayroll to provide exceptional customer support. Automatic Payroll reminder emails and end-of-month invoice generation and distribution was also implemented.

With centralised data, SmartPayroll was able to leverage reporting, dashboard and chart functionality providing them with real-time case and financial information.

With CRM being a vital tool for the business, SmartPayroll realised the importance and benefits of keeping up-to -date with the latest versions of CRM in order to leverage new features and functionality.

As part of the upgrade, forms were redesigned to provide users with a single view of their customer. This made them more efficient when servicing their customers. The new look and feel was widely accepted which made  user adoption seamless.


  • Customer on-boarding reduced from 15 mins to 5 mins.
  • Month end reporting production has gone from 3 business days to 1 hour.
  • Instant access to client data using any device, providing valuable insight into potential clients, communications, research analytics and transactions across SmartPayroll customers
  • Full real-time visibility of customer data in a single system
  • A 60% reduction in effort associated with month end reporting
  • Improved staff training, with guided user processes

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