Smith&Smith digitally transforms its business with Dynamics 365


Smith&Smith is New Zealand's leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company, serving more motorists than any other glass repairer. It is part of the Belron Group of vehicle glass repairers, which operates in 34 countries and strives to make a difference by solving people’s problems with real care.
Smith&Smith gives customers the option to carry out vehicle repairs at the place of their choice – either by a field technician at home or work, or at one of the many locations around New Zealand.


The Challenge

Smith&Smith wanted to evolve the way it was operating so that they could better meet the needs of their key accounts, such as insurance companies, fleet and rental companies and the motorist. It was hamstrung by systems and processes which were too slow to change, and which didn’t meet the needs of the local market.

Smith&Smith had a strong desire to better serve customers, with even more efficient, adaptable and flexible systems to help streamline the customer experience and offer new and innovative ways to do business. They wanted an infrastructure that made it possible to improve efficiency, with less duplication, errors and manual work. Ultimately, Smith&Smith wanted to be more agile, with a quicker time to market for products and innovations and wanted their new system to give them one view of each customer and improve the efficiency of the job booking process.

A modern solution would allow the business to streamline existing processes and better manage all parts of the business, building a new foundation to pursue future growth opportunities.


The Solution

Datacom was engaged to help Smith&Smith find the best solution to meet its growing needs. Datacom implemented an end to end Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, including finance, supply chain, sales and customer service business applications. This single platform enabled Smith&Smith to manage the different but connected parts of their business in one place, and was tightly integrated with Office 365, so staff could continue to use familiar tools and get up to speed quickly.

This project involved the implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to replace several legacy ERP and finance applications covering finance, supply chain/logistics and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (sales and customer service), replacing contact centre systems and rostering tools.
The system was connected with a range of internal applications and several key 3rd party business systems using Microsoft Azure Logicapps and API management. This enabled a manageable and discrete set of integration endpoints, which can be quickly enhanced, added to and improved to meet the changing needs of the business, and continue to connect more and disparate 3rd party systems as they are needed.

All of this was delivered in an entirely SaaS-first manner, leveraging the Microsoft cloud to deliver all the benefits of a truly scalable and geo-redundant environment, meaning both Smith&Smith and Datacom can get to work on delivering business value, and not the underlying infrastructure provided by Microsoft.



“By moving to Dynamics 365, Smith&Smith doesn’t have to worry about IT anymore but can focus on the digital optimisation and transformation of the organisation”.  Patrick Kuiper - IT and Digital Director

Datacom worked closely with the Smith&Smith executive and change management team to roll out this completely new set of business applications across the company. This covered the entire country, including over 30 branches and more than 300 of its people in a single weekend.

The seamless transition to the new platform included the retirement of more than half a dozen legacy Smith&Smith applications, plus full integration into many other internal and external systems. It has been a massive success for the business and has given Smith&Smith huge confidence in its strategy and modern architecture.

This platform provides Smith&Smith with a “fit-for-future” application set which is now independent from group systems and allows it to realise a vision for the customer experience and the digitisation of the vehicle glass repair journey.


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