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Improve your supply chain, logistics and inventory outcomes with a next generation cloud ERP and supply chain solution.

It can be challenging to get adequate visibility over your supply chain processes - but improving these operations can result in significant cost savings.

At Datacom, we provide supply chain implementation packages that can turn your supply chain operations data into accurate and actionable insights. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, our solution covers all the important supply chain processes from procurement and logistics through to inventory management and warehousing.

Choose the supply chain package option that’s right for your organisation and we’ll help you get your business up and running, with less risk, time and cost.

Supply chain package options


Rapid supply chain implementation. This suits companies with simple supply chain needs such as distribution business models. Pre-req, you must already have D365 from a Finance perspective, or include at a minimum our Finance Bronze package


    • Leverage out of the box and our best practice setup for :vendors, products, item creation, inventory management, batch and serial tracking, basic costing, simple warehouse management and basic pick and pack.
    • Utilise standard out of the box business processes and workflows.
    • Purchase order and sales order lifecycle, 3 way matching
    • Limited migration of summary level data including customer, vendor, product master, inventory.
    • Our standard training and change management is followed.
  • 22 week timeframe
  • *From $350k + Finance package cost (Bronze,Silver,Gold). Discount may apply if delivered in parallel


Suitable for more complex organisations with multiple warehouses or advanced warehouse requirements.


Bronze +

    • MRP and master planning.
    • Automation vendor notification and drop shipping (direct deliveries)
    • Simple BOM (bill of material) creation
    • Simple production/manufacturing requirements (MRP)
    • Multiple site and warehouses
    • Warehouse mobility
    • Additional migration of data and one integration point to other systems in your environment bespoke training, change management and adoption included.
  • 28-36 week timeframe
  • *From $550k + Finance package cost (Bronze,Silver,Gold). Discount may apply if delivered in parallel


Suitable for complex organisations with multiple divisions or business units or boundaries and complex supply chain and logistics needs.


Silver +

    • Customer service.
    • Further complexity to warehousing (advanced warehousing), out of the box integration to 3rd party logistics suppliers
    • Master planning to facilitate manufacturing/production which includes schedules for resources (assets, workers, business units)
    • More complex BoM structures accommodating multiple levels
    • Vendor and customer collaboration portal
    • Additional migration of data and two more integration points to other systems in your environment.
    • Enhancement adoption and change management.
  • 36 week plus timeframe
  • *From $750k + Finance package cost (Bronze,Silver,Gold). Discount may apply if delivered in parallel

A little more detail

Our solution spans all the important supply chain processes in your organisation – procurement, logistics, inventory management and warehousing. Our solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition and provides proven global scalability, enterprise-class extensibility.

Our approach starts from a preconfigured solution that can be “dropped in” with standard configurations, or used as an “accelerator” for large deployments. It includes pre-built business process models, best practice configurations, implementation and data migration templates, training documentation, reporting and analytics.

To save time and cost, it’s good to know that this can be combined with our Finance packages.

Ready to find out how Dynamics 365 and Datacom can transform your business? Get in touch now.