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Retain your customers and improve their experience and service with Dynamics 365.

Outdated systems and use of multiple databases prevent even the most caring customer service teams from delivering outstanding customer experience (CX). Of course, it isn’t just your CX that takes a hit, that means you’re also not spending your operating costs efficiently.

Datacom’s focused implementation packages will make your CX process into an efficient, accurate and seamless experience that provides actionable insight. From resolving customer queries faster, to improving your NPS score we’ll help you create a better CX.

Choose the Dynamics 365 package option that works for you, and Datacom will help get your business up and running, with less risk, time and cost.

Please note this package is typically not suitable for Government organisations. Please see our Government packages.


Customer experience package options


Dynamics 365 for Service solution focused on customer experience/service. Suitable for smaller organisations or businesses taking the first step


  • Out of the box and best practice setup for case management, knowledge base, queue and workload management
  • Implementation of three core customer experience processes such as complaints, queries and issues across two channels - email and phone.
  • Standard out of the box business processes and workflows.
  • Limited migration of summary level data including customer master and case categories
  • Standard train the trainer approach
  • 3-4 week timeframe
  • * from $30k


Suitable for organisations with larger customer service teams or requiring a more comprehensive approach on day 1 and with a focus on SLA's and entitlements

Includes Bronze plus:

  • Enabling social channel for case creation and updates
  • Customer portal enabling customers to query knowledge and log cases directly
  • Inclusion of SLA and entitlements
  • Connection of social channels.
  • Insights service - we consult on how we can drive down the number of requests coming into your service team.
  • Additional migration of data and one integration point to other systems in your environment such as your e-commerce and ERP.
  • Bespoke training, change management and adoption included.
  • 6 week timeframe
  • * from $90k


Suitable for large contact centres, complex case or customer service processes and significant downstream customer service resolution processes

Includes Silver plus:

  • Deep case management business processes, approvals, escalations and automation
  • Automated work routing and skills based assignment
  • Web chat
  • KPI reporting
  • Insights service allocation to enable more self service automation capability for customers.
  • Intelligent chatbot capability.
  • Additional migration of data and two more integration points to other systems in your environment typically e-commerce and ERP.
  • Customer NPS enablement and survey creation
  • PowerBI reporting and analytics
  • 12 weeks plus timeframe
  • * from $150k

Become omni-channel capable with a single view of your customer

These days, your customers expect up-to-date, consistent information instantly, from a range of sources – email, text, web, social, phone calls. 

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can help you become omni-channel capable - streamlining your business processes and bringing all your data from multiple systems together, to create a single view of your customer. This single view can be used by everyone and every channel - even on your website and self-service. No more flicking between screens to find information, no more repeat calls, no more frustrating long calls, no more high call volumes. The result? Delighted customers and happy, motivated staff.

Ready to find out how Dynamics 365 and Datacom can transform your business? Get in touch now.