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When you implemented your first CRM or ERP, you expected that it would fix a number of problems for your team. But without the right solution, you likely still have many of those issues today. Looking around, it’s not always clear whether you should upgrade your legacy system or switch to a new system altogether. There’s also the question of who’ll help you each step of the way.

Assessing the options is time-consuming, especially when so many solutions appear to make similar big promises.

In the end, many businesses have trouble selecting a CRM or ERP which best suits their needs. We’re here to help you make that decision. When you partner with Datacom and Microsoft Dynamics 365 you get the best CRM and ERP platform in the business, and the most experienced team to help you optimise it.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Not all CRMs will give you the full picture. Instead, you have a patchwork of disparate systems and data sources, making deep business insights difficult to achieve. This leads to:

  • Incomplete sales reporting and inaccurate projections
  • Lack of visibility into customer information
  • Poor communication between teams
  • Low employee engagement

How Dynamics 365 solves your sales challenges

Dynamics 365 addresses each of your challenges head-on while Datacom can help you tailor the solution to your specific business goals.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 sales

Single customer view


How much do you really know about your customers? As individuals rather than as a general audience? Dynamics 365 can bring all customer data, feedback and sales interactions into one single view for a greater customer experience.

Improved reporting


Dynamics 365 comes with ready-to-use sales reports. You can choose to use them straight out of the box, or we can help you customise as much as you need to get the full picture on your specific sales metrics.

Boosting CRM engagement


To prepare your sales team for Dynamics 365 success, start communicating early. Outline the advantages that have a direct impact on their work (and their KPIs). Ask them what they need from a CRM and build it into your requirements gathering phase including architecture, business goals, functional requirements, non-functional requirements.


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Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

How much do you think you know about your customers? How much do you think you know about your own operations, for that matter? Without the right ERP in place, you might not have as clear a picture as you thought. Organisations that are replacing legacy systems and using digital transformation to enhance their operations are seeing a 40% increase in customer satisfaction and 37% increase in new business growth. Your business can’t afford to not upgrade to a more comprehensive platform.

With the following information, you’re armed to make better decisions that will drive your strategy, and help your business grow.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations


Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations fuses your financial and business operations data and uses predictive analytics and intelligence to help you get smarter business insights. This application will provide you with the following.

Financial Intelligence:


The ERP connects your finances, processes and people with a unified view. This visibility gives them the information to deliver better business outcomes, increasing revenue and delivering transparency with real-time responses.

Supply Chain Intelligence:


Armed with insights, you can streamline and execute supply chain and distribution processes that adapt to customer demands.

Warehouse and Transport Intelligence:


Empower your warehouse managers to effectively and efficiently control and run operations. Use Finance and Operations to gain complete visibility and intelligence in your warehousing and transportation processes and reducing costs and increasing your delivery accuracy.

Why choose Datacom for Dynamics 365 success?

We bring our wealth of experience in planning, implementing and maintaining Dynamics 365 for organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

We have a 50-year track record of providing cutting-edge solutions with a flexible, hands-on approach. Our Professional Services team will work alongside your team every step of the way to ensure you remain productive during the transition.

We'll see that your team get the benefits of the CRM from the get-go.

Why choose Datacom for Dynamics 365 success?

Our experts will help you succeed with the following services:

    • Requirements gathering
    • Custom design according to your specific needs
    • Test the design in the cloud for proof of concept
    • Implementation and build
    • Migration strategy for seamless
    • Post-migration handover and documentation or ongoing support

We’re proud to be a multi-award winning IT service provider. Datacom has been recognised by Microsoft Australia as an Excellence in Cloud Productivity Award finalist 2015 and New Zealand Country Partner of the Year 2016.

But you don’t have to take Microsoft’s word for it, our customers have kindly shared their experiences in working with us so you know exactly what to expect and why they are so happy to have chosen us.

Get in touch to find out how Dynamics 365 and Datacom can transform your business.