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Get help choosing the best solution for your business

Streamline processes. Increase visibility. Manage costs. You know the right cloud solution like Dynamics 365 can help your business improve its agility in an ever-changing market. However, working out the benefits to create your ROI business case for your internal stakeholders can be a challenging endeavour. 

Datacom can kick-start your journey by facilitating workshops with your team to customise your roadmap and grow your business. Choose one of our low-cost entry points without any commitment. We offer packages to get you started, along with core implementations and ongoing optimisation and support. Indicative pricing is for services only and excludes travel and software licenses.

Choose the package to suit your needs

Create your Roadmap with #thinksmash

#thinksmash is our inception program designed to challenge your business priorities to help you develop an agile roadmap. We’ll help you reconfigure your initiatives to create an internal business plan and customer experience that’s more equipped to manage all aspects of growth.


We’ll help your business get set up for growth by reviewing and improving your customer experience (CX) or your internal processes. This one or two week package consists of workshops that do a deep dive into one area of the business. This process involves:
  • CX mapping exercises
  • Defining personas
  • Empathy and Journey mapping
  • Development of a prioritised product and program roadmap.

You’ll walk away with a unique understanding of your CX or internal process giving you a valuable roadmap for a more agile future and alignment with stakeholders.

Package output: Full day workshop + roadmap plan summarising next steps + presentation of findings to stakeholders

Rapid Start Dynamics 365

Improve your customer experience and service levels or your sales processes with Rapid Start Dynamics 365. We’ll help you kick-start your cloud customer relationship management (CRM) journey, ensuring it adheres to your unique goals.


This acceleration package will help you delve into your CRM journey, beginning with one of two tracks:

  • Customer experience and service levels
  • Your sales processes

This three week programme will dive into your chosen track and engage via a series of personalised workshops that will deliver your solution for your organisation. To do this, we'll discuss your team's goals and challenges, to arrive at the best solution for you. The Rapid Start for CRM will deliver your team a solid foundation for a CRM system and customer engagement system based on Dynamics 365.

Package output: Workshop + working CRM system + ideas report

Business Value Exploration

We know what the C-suite and boards want from a business case, so we can make sure they are to the level you need to get your project started. We’ll help you articulate the true benefits, costs and expected return to their executive or board.


This package will refine your high-level requirements and create a financially viable business case which quantifies the business value of your proposed software solutions. This two to four week package will help you prepare a full report detailing your high-level requirements and scope to get a ROI business case including:
  • Financial benefits (scaled, ramped and phased)
  • Full solution costs (including internal costs)
  • Key ROI measures (Payback, net present value, and internal rate of return, plus simple cash only ROI)
  • Discounted Cash flow calculation 
We pull together your high-level requirements and scope to make you confident and board ready.

Package output: Workshop + High level requirements list + ROI business case report

ERP or CRM Upgrade Assessment

Comfortable in the older version of your CRM or ERP? Older systems might not be delivering the value you need. We can help you get visibility over your solutions and show you the latest versions that could help your business become more agile.


Our assessment of your CRM or ERP systems will uncover how truly agile you are in an ever-changing market.  This one to two week programme will give you better visibility over your systems. We’ll help you discover if your current system is delivering the value you need and introduce you to valuable system upgrades. This process includes a review of:
  • Your modules/Configuration
  • Data and Reporting
  • Integrations
  • Customisations/modifications
In the end, we’ll report back to you the business impact and costs to move to the latest version in the cloud.New systems will provide you with greater visibility over your customer’s experience or allow you to better manage your internal processes.

Business Process Health Check

How is your business realistically performing right now? Our business process health check is designed to highlight ways that your business processes can be optimised for better performance in every department.


Do you have good visibility over your business practices? This programme is designed to give you insight and help you optimise your business for better performance.  This one to two week programme includes:

  • A review of your business processes, including finance or supply chain
  • A benchmark of current practices against best practice according to the APQC.org business processes and other relevant processes in your industry
After the health check, we’ll present you with results to optimise your current processes for a better future. Revamped and streamlined processes will help improve your business performance in areas you didn’t previously have visibility over.

Package output: Workshop + Recommendation report of ways to optimise your current processes + Presentation report

Existing Dynamics 365 Health Check

Is your existing Dynamics solution (Dynamics 365 or CRM,AX etc) still optimised to work with your business? We’ll run a business process health check, to show you the ways your business processes can be optimised for better performance.


This two week programme includes a review of your business processes, including finance or supply chain, which we benchmark against APQC.org best practices.  This four-step process includes:
  • Discover: dissect your current challenges and business goals
  • Analyse: review your existing systems
  • Outcomes: discuss results in a workshop with your team
  • Monitor: upskilling your team to conduct regular reviews
We’ll give you the insight to optimise Dynamics for your business, and the tools to ensure you’ll be able to manage your systems efficiently.

Package output:Recommendation for improvements, Governance and best practice policies + upskilling your in-house team to conduct regular reviews