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Upgrade or migrate your legacy CRM

Legacy systems might be comfortable, but they also act as a barrier for business growth. To improve adoption and reap the benefits, you have to upgrade or migrate to the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the evolution of these products and will enable you to transform faster, especially when you move to the cloud.

Partnering with Datacom, you can upgrade or migrate to the cloud with less risk, time and cost, getting your organisation up and running faster. Select one of our three package options that can upgrade or migrate your legacy Microsoft CRM to the cloud.

How our packages work

We have structured our implementation packages into three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Each package builds on the one before it - beginning with Bronze as the foundation, with more features are added to offer Silver, and then the comprehensive Gold package includes all the features of Silver plus more.

With these differing levels you can take the risk out of getting your CRM onto the cloud by choosing a package that’s right for your business size and needs.


CRM upgrade options


This rapid approach is suitable for CRM 2013/2015/2016 on-premise solutions, to migrate your system to Dynamics 365 in the cloud.


  • Migration to Dynamics 365 Online.
  • Licensing consultation advice and optimisation
  • Validation of your configuration, customisation and remediation of critical items
  • Report outlining unsupported customisations and potential options for resolution
  • Excludes remediation of migration,integration and complex form design
  • For organisations with over 250 users, we can include the data migration for *$10k (otherwise this package excludes data migration).
  • Up to 3 sessions of super users training outlining the difference in Dynamics 365 online – super users will retrain your end users.
  • 3-4 week timeframe
  • * from $30k


This approach is suitable for CRM 2013/2015/2016 on premise solutions where the organisation wants to leverage the new capabilities of Dynamics 365, or wants to improve business processes.

Includes Bronze plus:

  • Datacom to run a series of workshops to determine how to simplify your CRM solution to align with out of the box, as well as how to leverage new features.
  • In-depth train the trainer session on the newly implemened functionality
  • Data migration of up to 12 standard Dynamics objects.
  • Allocation of effort to remediate any custom integration to other systems in your environment such as your ERP.
  • Support in leveraging new data and analytics capabilities present within PowerBI
  • Option to migrate simple implementations of Salesforce to Dynamics 365.
  • 6 week timeframe
  • * from $75k


This is suitable for significant upgrades from CRM 2013/2015/2016 on-premise systems where an organisation needs to resolve old issues and leverage new capabilities, as well as add additional integration and migration points. Also suitable for CRM 4.0 and 2011 upgrades.

Includes Silver plus:

  • Ability to upgrade from an older Dynamics CRM version such as CRM 2011 or CRM 4.0.
  • Adding new business processes or significantly changing existing ones.
  • Adding new modules of Dynamics 365 customer engagement that you’re not currently using, such as a service module.
  • Full end user training.
  • Implementation of the Dynamics portal if required.
  • Allocation to establish one new integration point.
  • Additional migration of data with a total of 25 Dynamics’s objectives.
  • 8-10 weeks plus timeframe
  • * from $120k

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